Welcome to Heimatblick

Your favourite sunny place above the rooftops of Rubi

We would like to welcome you in our newly built house with 3 apartments in the sun-drenched Rubi,
at the foot of the Rubihorn, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama.

Close to home - Traditional - Close to nature

3 keywords that we stand for, that we live by and that we carry in our hearts.

This sense of home, which we have carried in us since childhood, we would like to share with you with our holiday apartments.

Cozy, with fully equipped kitchens, inviting living rooms with large double balcony doors, pine wood beds, which invite you to sleep in and cuddle; your own infrared warming lounger, the proximity to Oberstdorf and countless hiking and cycling trails...

Simply the perfect conditions for your holiday with us in the Allgäu.


Close to home and grateful

It is no coincidence that our holiday apartments have the names Holzer, Heuber  and Bergler.
They were given in memory of our ancestors, to whom we owe this beautiful spot of earth, which we can call home. Not so long ago, our great-grandparents and grandparents worked here very hard by hand Holzer (as woodcutters), Heuber (as mowing farmers) and Bergler (as shepherds and dairy farmers).


Even our great-grandparents rented out rooms in the farms that time and enjoyed a full house with many cheerful people.
And our grandparents dreamed of building their new home here, on this spot.
Now, 2 generations later, this dream has become true, and we can continue the family tradition in our dream home.

Close to nature

It is widely known the healthy sleep through the power of the Swiss stone pine in the Alpine region, the Swiss stone pine has many positive characteristics for humans. It soothes, improves sleep, and makes us free and relaxed.
It also lowers the heart rate and positively affects the autonomic nervous system. During your holiday with us at Heimatblick, you will benefit from the power of the Swiss stone pine in your solid wood pine beds and on the infrared heat lounger made of pine wood.

Close to home - Traditional – Close to nature